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Cancer treatment protocols require a complex combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, often accompanied by a number of other medications administered over several months, if not years. These treatments can take a real toll on the body, physically and emotionally. Getting through cancer is never going to be easy, but it can be easier. Using a whole body, systems approach, my care programmes are designed to look at how your cancer and your treatments are impacting your body, from time of diagnosis, through treatment, and into remission - we will work together to make your journey as easy as it possibly can be.

Amongst the main side effects of chemotherapy, nausea, fatigue and loss of taste mean that most of the time you won't feel like eating, let alone shopping or preparing meals. On top of all that, surgical resection of the colon may impact how you body digests and absorbs nutrients from food, even after cancer treatment ends. The care programmes described below take these factors into account and will change and adapt through your treatment protocol, personalised to your individual cancer and treatment protocol. Programme prices will vary accordingly and can be discussed during your FREE consultation.

Feed Your Warrior

Expert nutritional advice and mindset coaching, personalised to your individual needs. Cancer therapies can cause deficiencies of several vital nutrients, contributing to side effects. Food is a safe way of delivering essential nutrients to your body without concern for cancer drug interactions.  This program works to replenish nutrients lost, manage side effects and boost immune system through the course of your cancer treatment protocol.

Belt and Braces

Everything in Feed your Warrior with the additional focus on deeper investigation through laboratory testing to determine more precisely where your body needs support. Testing is very individual according to need and may include urine, blood, DNA and stool analysis amongst others. 

Whatever it Takes

Everything in Belt and Braces with the addition of regular and ongoing testing throughout your treatment protocol so that we can adjust your protocol as and when your body needs it. By far the best way to stay on top of side effects and achieve the best possible response to your cancer drug protocol.

After the Bell

Been given the "all clear" but feeling broken and unsure of what to do next? Cancer treatments can leave your body damaged and side effects can linger on long after the treatments end. Mental and physical healing from cancer start when your cancer treatments end - when the doctors appointments end, and friends and family have celebrated. This is your "ground zero" . After the Bell will help put your body back together again, to help you feel whole again, so you can find your new "post-cancer" self. Life after cancer can be the start of a whole new adventure, a whole new amazing YOU, and I'm passionate about showing you how!

DNA Testing

As an add-on to any of the above packages, DNA testing provides invaluable insight into your DNA blueprint allowing deeper investigation to determine more precisely where your body needs support. The basic DNA test pack includes 3 reports (Nutrient Core, Methylation and Detoxification) plus a 1-hour consultation to interpret the results. Depending on individual needs or cancer type, additional reports can be added on, for example the Hormones report would be particularly relevant in the case of hormone driven conditions or cancers, or the Thyroid report for thyroid-related conditions of cancers.  

Please note that working with me is not a substitute for standard cancer treatment 

Nutritional therapy is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, including cancer

Nutritional therapy is about supporting the body’s resilience and whole person wellbeing, and I always aim to work collaboratively with oncology services.

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If you'd like to know more about any of the above programs or about how I work, then please go ahead and book a FREE consultation. The button below will redirect you to the Practice Better online portal where you can use the calendar to select and book a date and time that suits you. On the day I will call you on the number provided and we can talk about your circumstances and how I might be able to help you. 

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