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My Story

Registered Nutritionist, Nutrigenomics Practitioner, Cancer Specialist

Hi Im Debbie GREY_edited.png

I'm a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigenomics Practitioner, with specialist training in cancer care. I work with men and women diagnosed with cancer who want to be in control of their health, through and beyond their cancer treatment journey. 


When it comes to cancer, there is no silver bullet cure!! Studies now show that diet and lifestyle changes alongside standard treatments can increase your quality of life with cancer and your chances of survival. Success requires commitment, determination and action! My mission is to help you make those changes and to stick with them; to manage the emotional side of your cancer diagnosis and to reduce the fear and anxiety; to support your physical body, to manage side effects and potentially enhance the effects of your cancer drug protocols.


Like most of us, I never thought cancer would happen to me... then it did, right out of the blue!  Most people who know me, know that I'm a fighter, a solution finder, that when I put my mind to something I generally don't give up till I get it right. I wasn't going to let cancer beat me. I wanted to be well again and I resolved to do whatever it took to get there. 


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As with all self-help journeys nowadays, Dr. Google was my first point of call, and there's no shortage of diet protocols to choose from, with all sorts of claims about what they can do. But I didn't want to eat all my food raw, and I didn't want to give up all carbs and spend my life making sure I was in a state of ketosis… in short I didn't want something that had worked for someone else, I wanted something that would work for me!


So I dumped Dr. Google and signed up instead for a qualification in Naturopathic Nutrition. Crazy I hear you say? Yes, it probably was. But here I am, on the other side of cancer, fit and healthy, and super excited about helping you get there too. You can do this!

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If any part of my story resonates with you... if you're ready to give cancer a run for it's  money... if you're at the end of your cancer treatment but feel broken and damaged… then please go ahead and press the button below to book in a FREE mini consult. You've nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain

Why choose me GREY_edited.png

The knowledge I've gained through my own experience of colon cancer along with years of formal study have been crucial in helping me regain optimal health. I implemented diet and lifestyle changes that helped me survive and thrive after cancer. Today, I am stronger and healthier than ever, loving the new life I've created for myself, and I am so, so excited about helping YOU create your own personalised program so that you might do the same. 

I've done the research... I've completed specialist training... so you don't have to!

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