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Know what to eat, manage side effects and get the most from cancer therapies. Leave the research to me and focus on living your best life through cancer.

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Feeling lost, alone and scared? Spending countless hours scouring scientific studies, overwhelmed by all the medical jargon? Want to do something, but feel like you're winging it, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best?  

I can't make it easier to tell your loved ones you have cancer, and I may not be able to stop your hair falling out. But I can take the guess work out of what to eat to support your body through cancer treatment. Through DNA testing we can also identify any vulnerabilities or predisposing factors for cancer or any other condition.

Cancer is a complex, individual disease and when it turns up in your colon, you have the double whammy of having to deal with the impact that surgical resection (sometimes requiring a stoma) has on your body's ability to digest, absorb and excrete food and nutrients. 

My own experience of colon cancer plus years of formal study have allowed me to specialise in this area. My personalised, whole-person mindset and nutritional programs (with or without DNA testing) are designed to keep you feeling as well as possible through cancer and beyond, so you can get on with doing what's important to you - living your best life for as long as you can!

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