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BSc, Dip.NT, mANP, mGNC

Nutritional Therapist, Wellness Advocate & Cancer Warrior

Like most of us, I never thought cancer would happen to me... then it did - right out of the blue!  But did you know that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime?! 1 in 2 !! Stop and think about what that means for a second...  Look around you... think about the person in closest proximity to you...  if it's not them that gets cancer, it's going to be you! Scary isn't it!


But we don't have to accept this as an inevitable fact of life. 93% of cancers are considered to be lifestyle cancers - this means they are entirely preventable, i.e. there is something YOU can do to improve your odds and reduce your risk.


Most people who know me, know that I'm a fighter, a solution finder, that when I put my mind to something I generally don't give up till I get what I want. In this case, I wasn't going to let cancer beat me. I wanted to be well again and I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get there. 


I was lucky enough to have an amazing surgeon who was able to remove the cancer from my body, but this didn't mean I could avoid chemo. My protocol recommended 12 rounds of adjuvant chemotherapy, and though I dreaded the thought, I prepared well and was ready for the challenge. As determined as I was however, the third round of chemo floored me - I ended up in hospital for 7 days with neutropenic sepsis. For me it turned out that chemo was likely to be a bigger risk to life than the cancer itself. So I stopped!  But I knew I had to replace it with something else.... something BIG! So, I turned my back on traditional cancer treatments and my old lifestyle, and started a whole new and exciting food and lifestyle ADVENTURE!! 


As with all self-help journeys, Dr. Google was my first point of call, and there's no shortage of diet protocols to choose from with all sorts of claims about what they can do. But I didn't want to eat all my food raw, and I didn't want to give up all carbs and spend my life making sure I was in a state of ketosis… in short I didn't want something that had worked for someone else, I wanted something that would work for me!  


So I dumped Dr. Google and signed up instead for a 3-year course in Naturopathic Nutrition. Crazy I hear you say? Yes, it probably was. After all, what sane woman comes out of chemotherapy and throws herself directly into 3 years of study, and all whilst working full-time as a freelance IT Project Manager. Crazy!!


But…. the knowledge I gained in those 3 years was crucial in helping me regain optimal health - and I didn't need to use any of the Dr. Google's protocols. I implemented diet and lifestyle changes that were suited to my health status at the time, taking my lifestyle into account. I also considered factors in my past which may have contributed to me getting cancer in the first place, because… obviously… I don't want cancer to come back if I could have anything to do with it! 


And now, here I am...  stronger and healthier than ever, loving the new lifestyle I've created for myself, and so, so excited about helping YOU create your own personalized program to get you back to feeling better than you did before cancer.  


Regardless of how far we each get with our treatment protocols, cancer therapies leave our bodies deprived of nutrients, damaged and "broken". If any part of my story resonates with you.. If you're at the end of your cancer treatment but feel more like you're at "ground zero" in terms of health and wellness… If you're ready to thrive again…  then please go ahead and press the button below to book in a FREE 15 minute, no obligation chat. You've nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain :)

Believe in your body! Believe in your power!  Cancer has had control of your life for tool long already. Take ownership of your health and give your body what it needs to function at it's best. YOU CAN do something to get your life back!